NAFA - National Association for Fixed Annuities

NAFA, the National Association for Fixed Annuities, is a national trade association exclusively dedicated to promoting the awareness and understanding of fixed annuities – including income, declared rate, market value adjusted and indexed. A fixed annuity is the only product that allows individuals to accumulate retirement savings, protect those savings from market losses and guarantee income for life.

Fixed annuities are an important tool used by millions of Americans. The need to be exposed to and understand the value of fixed annuities and their insured guarantees is important to individuals who enjoy employer-sponsored retirement plans, but it is also critical for the 78 million working Americans who lack access to a workplace retirement plan.

NAFA is the only association whose sole purpose is advocating for the fixed annuity product and educating regulators, legislators, consumers, members of the media, industry personnel, and distributors about fixed annuities and their benefits to retirees and those planning retirement. NAFA’s membership of fixed annuity carriers and independent marketing organizations (or field organizations) represents over 200,000 agents and registered representatives selling fixed annuities. NAFA was founded in 1998 and is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Get more information on annuities at

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