About Vertical Vision

Casting its shadow over the endless horizon of cookie-cutter companies that offer identical products, Vertical Vision established itself as the logical alternative to the “everything-for-everyone” IMOs that dot America.

From its founding in 2008, Vertical Vision built a national reputation on a well-researched spine of unique products, inviting incentives and unparalleled marketing support, all of which combine to empower select insurance agents. Vertical Vision provides you a narrow scope of specific insurance products with a powerful breadth of variety, economy and adaptability within the offerings, each designed to entice your clients and create value for you.

Here you will partner with an independent marketing organization providing a process that’s as viable as it is valuable, as flexible as it is solid. Our professional hallmark is one of individualized and responsive service – no one does it like Vertical Vision. From individualized marketing platforms and unequaled back-office support to a selection of the very best annuity, Life and LTC products available anywhere in America, Vertical Vision’s experience and expertise give you the competitive edge other agents dream about.

With Vertical Vision you have the opportunity to grow with us as you bank your monthly marketing dividends; participate in quarterly promotions that give you a high profile; and qualify for travel opportunities around the globe.

Vertical Vision: providing independent agents unsurpassed resources and support.